Cat Product Review: New Clump & Seal Litter

Disclaimer: I’ve been compensated with a free product sample


The reason I signed up to receive a free box (14lb) of Arm & Hammer’s brand new litter, Clump & Seal to try out for seven days was because of their promise of “ultra low” dust. As readers of this blog will know, I have 8 cats and a total of 7 litter boxes in my home, so kitty litter is a shockingly important part of my life. We currently use a leading clumping clay litter. We’ve tried several other litters in the past in an effort to find the perfect fit for our household. In that time, we’ve discovered that clumping is the most important factor in a multi-cat household. Litter that clumps well, however, usually has a lot of dust.

Immediately upon pouring this litter into the box, I noticed the complete lack of dust. Honestly, I was surprised. Litter is often advertised as being “low dust”, but it seldom is. This litter has virtually no dust in my experience.

Unlike other “low dust” brands, Clump & Seal really did clump! It clumped just as well as the clumping brand we currently use, and it was just as scoopable! This is super important in a multi-cat household.

Odor-wise, the litter was comparable to the brand we currently use, or perhaps even a little better. The brand we currently use is the most effective one we have tried, aside from Clump & Seal, so I would rank Clump & Seal high for odor-control.

We did notice that Clump & Seal’s finely grained texture made the cats less likely to track it out of the litter box, which we were quite pleased with. One of our cats (Fred) appeared to prefer this texture and was often seen in this litter box.

Given our quantity of cats, it is impossible to say whether or not all cats used this litter during our trial. However, the “traffic” the box with Clump & Seal received was the same as our other boxes indicating that the majority of the cats found it acceptable. We have tried other litters in the past that our cats refused to use. Given that we did not blend the litters at all (as instructed) to ease the cats into this change, the traffic this box received is commendable. I’m certain with a little time, all the cats could be convinced to switch.

Sadly, as much as we like this product, we find it too expensive for our needs and not available at the store we typically purchase litter from. The 14lb bag we received was $7.99 at PetSmart at the time of purchase. This 14lb bag was not sufficient to cover a single litter box in our home- some of our cats are large males, and need big boxes. At the time of this review, Walmart is advertising a 26lb bag for $13.98. We purchase our litter (one of the leading brands) from Costco for $13 to $14 (less when it is on sale!) and it’s a 42lb bag. Given we purchase 3 to 4 of these 42lb bags a month, the cost difference for us to switch to Clump & Seal would be quite substantial.

Honestly, if it weren’t for the price, I would be switching to Clump & Seal today. It combines the benefits of a NO dust formula with all the perks of a clumping litter (scoopability, cleanliness), as an added bonus it has great odor control and a texture the cats enjoy. If you don’t need to purchase litter in as great a quantity as we do (and most folks don’t!), I suggest you click this link for a $3 off coupon and give it a go.


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