Silver Swan Threads

Here is another shop’s inventory straight out of our current Pathfinder game. You can find others here. Fellow GM’s feel free to snag this and modify for your own means. If you do, I’d love for you to leave a comment…it’d be great to know that someone is reading these! Thanks!

A shop on the upper tier of Dayolen that sells the latest fashions from the courts of Ospolen. A collection of staff are available to assist with measuring, recommending colors, and putting together outfits.

Costs range from mere silver pieces to 100gp. GMs can let players choose how much they are willing to put into a particular item. The Kalamar Campaign has an optional “style points” system which I recommend for more detailed games. Style points for items on this list range from 0 to 10 (10 is enough to get you a +1 bonus to your charisma!). If players choose to spend more money on a particular item, it should be of better quality (and worth more style points). These clothing items are standard historical terms, a simple Google search should help if there is anything you are unfamiliar with.
Cloak Clasp
Cloak, Average
Cloak, Good Cloth
Cloak, Fur
Robes, Embroidered

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