Barrel Moon

Here is another shop’s inventory straight out of our current Pathfinder game. You can find others here. Fellow GM’s feel free to snag this and modify for your own means. If you do, I’d love for you to leave a comment…it’d be great to know that someone is reading these! Thanks!

In the heart of Dayolen’s merchant district is the lively Barrel Moon. Barrel Moon is well known for brewing the best Finch-Yager in all of Southern Brandobia. They have a fine selection of home brews, plus a bar for tasting.

Pale Moon Ale- 12gp/barrel (288 servings)
Dark Moon Ale- 15gp/barrel
Moon Finch-Yager (amber)- 40gp/gallon (8 servings)
Veshemo Light Lager- 25gp/barrel
Apple Ale- 50gp/barrel

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