Day Zero Project #3 Starts Today!

My third Day Zero Project starts today!

As a reminder, the Day Zero Project is a to-do list of 101 things meant to be completed in 1001 days. Lists can be general self-improvement lists or themed toward a specific goal. Even if you don’t complete the list (I haven’t yet), it helps you focus on the things that are important to you. Also, if you are an organizational nerd, it’s just downright fun. :p

My list this time is focused on my personal interests and hobbies. It’s almost entirely fun. It can also be summed up as “being a better nerd”.

Instead of boring you with the entire list, I’m only going to post one category at a time.


Category: Cats

It is safe to say I nerd out about cats. So, my furbabies got a category of their very own.

  1.  Finish Cat College (online course on cats)
  2. Sign-up all cats onto the Banfield Wellness Plan (missing 2)
  3. Organize cat toy boxes
  4. Repair all cat furniture (including cube)
  5. Make 3 cat treats
  6. Get Miss Melody to lose weight
  7. Brush cat’s teeth an average of once/week for 6 months
  8. Have a daily playtime for 3 months (allowed 10% miss)
  9. Spend time with Piggy daily for 3 months (allowed 10% miss)
  10. Get subscription box for kitties & review toys

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