Temple of the Stars

This church is straight out of our current Pathfinder game. You can find other location descriptions here. Some of these items are from the Kalamar setting (Goods and Gear, Kenzer and Company), others are from Pathfinder and some are from my head. The concept of the “Temple of the Stars” is from the Kalamar Campaign Setting & Divine Masters, but the knowledge mechanic from attending service is my own. Fellow GM’s feel free to snag this and modify for your own means. If you do, I’d love for you to leave a comment…it’d be great to know that someone is reading these! Thanks!


Aside from the symbol of the traveler on the sign, and the name, the local Temple of the Stars could easily be mistaken for a quiet inn. 

Rooms- 1sp/night; must be respectful and clean-up after yourself
Hot mug of local tea- free
Bitter Broth (halfling concoction of fermented juices and grains)- 3sp
Braggart (spiced sweet ale)- 5cp
Boiled Cabbage- 2cp
Salted Herring- 3cp
Bread and Cheese- 4cp
Services happen every night just after the 8th bell. Local worshippers do not attend every evening, so it is primarily travelers. Weather, local laws, traditions, and things that impact traveling and visitors are discussed. Stories of travels are always shared.  
Attending a service gives you two free cards with a +2 knowledge(local). They can be used once each for two different locations. The idea being “Oh, I recall this city being discussed during a Temple of the Stars service…”. Only 2 cards (1 service) can be obtained per week per church (the idea that the same folks will be around for a few days). This holds true for ALL Temple of the Star churches, so collect the bonuses wherever you go!

2 thoughts on “Temple of the Stars

  1. I like the idea but I’m not sure it’ll drop directly into my campaign. I might introduce an Adventurer’s Guild in the main town we’re in using the Local Knowledge tokens along with some fringe benefits. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks for commenting! My current campaign is very religion-heavy due to the setting, but knowledge tokens could work in a variety of places for sure. I love the idea of receiving them from an adventurer’s guild, that makes a lot of sense!


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