Cats & Melon

Did you know cats can eat watermelon?

Honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon are all perfectly safe for cats to have (in limited quantities, they are obligate carnivores, after all) according to many sources (just Google it, they all agree!). In fact, some cats actually display a fondness for such fruits. Since they are high in sugar, they should only be given as a snack and avoid the seeds.

Only one of my 8 cats loves melon. His favorite is cantaloupe. I’m even convinced he recognizes the word “cantaloupe” since he somehow knows to appear in the kitchen before I even cut it up. He’s also been known to hop up on to the table and steal a piece off my plate (he has never done this for any other food!) The other cats show little to no interest in any of the melons.

Last night, we had some water melon….

20140513_202830 20140513_202848


You can see Miss Melody’s nose in the bottom shot…She watched him eat it,  but did not try any herself.


4 thoughts on “Cats & Melon

  1. I would say that’s kind of crazy, but Gabe’s Snickers, who normally shows zero interest in human food, has been caught on the kitchen counter eating the black olives that were left out on taco night 😛


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