Supernatural Struggles

I’ve been actively trying to watch more television shows. There are so many good shows out there and I’m sick of missing out on important pop culture references.

We don’t have cable, and we don’t watch any shows on a regular basis. We are Netflix/Hulu people all the way.

Shows we are currently watching:

Doctor Who- For when we have a full hour of free time.

My Name is Earl- For when we have just enough time to watch something while we eat dinner

X-Files- For when we are feeling lazy or nostalgic (we’ve both already seen the show, but it was a long time ago)

The Walking Dead- A show we were caught up on (by Netflix standards), but another season was posted on Netflix recently

Haven- For when we have both enough time and motivation to hook up my laptop to the television, LOL…we only have a couple episodes left…we really need to muster that energy to get it done.

And finally…we need one main-event 40 minute show that we watch with dinner on a nightly basis…not too long, not too short, doesn’t require the laptop, etc…

A couple months ago, we chose the show Supernatural for this purpose. My mom, stepdad and sister all love the show, along with a couple friends. It has made it for 9 seasons, and it’s 10th and final season is already scheduled. There are many, many cons and meetups dedicated to the show. It has an intense cult following. I figured there has to be something there, right?

During the first half of season 1, I wanted to like it, but I couldn’t get attached to the characters and too many things bugged me about the show. They drove across the country, but had no source of income; and they broke all kinds of laws and paid minimal consequences. I will suspend my skeptical brain for an alternate universe that contains supernatural critters, but this was just asking too much.

My family and friends who like the show, told me to hang in there. Specifically, one of my friends, Jon, said to hang on until the second meeting with Meg and the demonic activity really starts. So, we hung on…watching way more X-Files than we had planned to.

I’m happy to report our friends were correct. We are now in the middle of Season 2 and loving it. I’m still not as attached to the characters as I would like, but the side characters show promise, the story is interesting, the pop culture references are fantastic, and the musical choices are perfect. Yay!