Iron Cat Barn Dairy & Cheese Shop

Dungeons and Dragons and/or Pathfinder does not get enough attention here…especially, where it takes up such a huge portion of my life. You can anticipate seeing more posts like this in the future.

One of my favorite aspects of GMing a roleplaying game is world-creation, specifically the small everyday details of life. I’m constantly harassing my players with lists of food available at various pubs and fruit stands, detailed lists of merchant inventories, and irrelevant details of the towns and landscapes they visit. My players are excellent about humoring me in this, and often times they even enjoy it. My current group of players spends more money on mechanically useless things than any other group I’ve ever encountered…I love them for this though since those mechanically useless things are a role-playing gold mine. Their characters are fleshed-out whole people with a depth of interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes.

On a recent trip to Dayolen, they visited a cheese shop called “Iron Cat Barn Dairy & Cheese”. We now know what the character’s cheese preferences are. For example, Trosk, the half-orc ranger, likes his cheese “strong and spicy, just like his women” while as Cora, the half-elven bard, “prefers her cheese to have more delicate flavors.”

Fellow GMs: You are more than welcome to adapt this material to your own needs. The names of the cheeses are simply names of places in our current setting (Kingdoms of Kalamar). Swap out the names with settings from your own campaign, and boom…cheese shop.

A taste of the countryside in the middle of the city, Iron Cat Barn’s Dairy and Cheese shop is popular among both locals and visitors. While clean, the shop is clearly run by simple country folk- halflings, to be precise. A fat orange cat is sleeping in the back corner of the shop. 
General Products:
Curds- 2cp
Butter- 1sp
Fresh Goat’s Milk- 3cp
Fresh Cow’s Milk- 5cp
Yogurt- 1sp
Yogurt, strained- 2sp
Plain Soft Cheese- 3cp
Plain Hard Cheese- 4cp
Regional Brandobian Cheeses:

Dordern (Cosdol; cow’s milk; similar to brie; contains herbs)- 4sp

Nordolen (Cosdol; goat’s milk; veined, similar to Gorgonzola)- 5sp
Pupven (Eldor; sheep’s milk; has a firm but buttery texture and a nutty flavor)- 4sp
Tanden (Eldor; cow’s milk; semi-hard; similar to Colby)- 3sp
Mendarn Cheeses:
Soyden (sheep’s milk; firm; nutty and salty)- 2sp
Nuden (sheep’s milk; firm; smoked)- 1sp
Ospolen (cow’s milk; cheddar) – 2sp
Ast (cow’s milk; soft, creamy, very mild)- 2sp
Ashoshani (a strong, spicy cheese from Svimhozia; recipe is a secret)- 1gp
Welpremond (made by the gnomes that live in the hills near the nearby mountain range; goat’s milk; crumbly, light herbed cheese)- 3sp



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