Harree’s Trip to the ER



Meredith and Harree like to play together. They make very distinct, and adorable, vocalizations when they are chasing each other around the house in a manner far more playful looking and harmless than when the other cats play together. Tuesday night, they were doing just that, as I went into the front room to grab my tablet. While opening my tablet, I heard Harree hop up on the halfwall between the stairs in the front room and run along it (normal behavior). Then I heard the scratch of nails (which I recognized as a slide) and a thud. I turned around to see Harree limping away from the wall. It sounded like he slipped while on the wall, and fell off of it. He fell into the front room- so only a 3 foot drop, but he must have landed quite hard.

When cats jump down, they land all of their weight on their front two paws initially. I’m guessing Harree had enough time to correct his falling position to fall normally, but landed awkwardly- perhaps with his paw turned, or putting all his weight on his right paw. However it happened, he was limping. We did our own assessment of him first…while he wasn’t putting any weight on it, he let us touch it and didn’t show any signs of discomfort from us manipulating it.

Unfortunately, he did this 50 minutes after our normal vet closes for the day. So, it was off to the Animal Clinic and Emergency hospital. Other than chewing up a couple of hours of my evening, the visit went very well. Harree was visibly anxious and did not want to be there, but he let the vet manipulate his paw and didn’t make a peep. The vet concluded that he had sprained it. He offered us the option of X-rays, if we wanted to be cautious, but with Harree so on edge, we decided to take him home and get X-rays, if needed, with our vet on the weekend. He received some drugs to make him feel better, and they sent us home with pain meds and orders to rest.

Wednesday morning, Banfield, our normal vet, called us to find out Harree was doing. The clinic contacted them for us. I explained the situation, and asked some questions about a follow-up visit and when to get X-Rays. They recommended giving him a few days to calm down- as long as he was eating and drink, and still seemed to be recovering. We will schedule a follow-up visit for this weekend.

Harree is doing okay. The first night, he was really, really anxious and was growling at the other kitties. He has settled down now. He is still limping, but he is putting some weight on it. He is also flexing it just fine. It is definitely a bit swollen though. The vet couldn’t give him anti-inflammatory drugs due to his chronic kidney condition…well, he could have, but decided not to risk it since they are processed through the kidneys, and didn’t think it was necessary.

He is currently getting spoiled as much as possible, and is much calmer. Hopefully, we signs of improvement in the limp soon.


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