Taking Control of Time, Wedding Planning and a Kitty ER Trip

This is a quick “where I’ve been” sort of post…

Back in February, I posted that I felt I didn’t have enough time to do the things I wanted to do. It’s a pretty common feeling for me…okay, more like a daily feeling. A couple months ago, I started what could only be described as a campaign to get my time management under control. My to-do list was too darn long, and it was the source of some stress. I have used, for awhile now, the website Toodledo to manage my to-do lists, and I highly recommend it. Well, for organized crazy people like me at any rate. 😉 My new strategy involves improving my prioritizing abilities and recognizing how much I can accomplish in a day. Toodledo has a star function that allows me to, in combination with its filters, pull out particularly important tasks. I star tasks that I need to do every day, and then leave on spot each day for more long-term tasks. It has been working- I feel better, and (I think) I’ve been more productive. Slowly, I’ve been catching up on things I needed to do, and I’m finding more time for other things. Hopefully, blogging will be able to happen more often now.

Aside from catching up on things and getting my time in order, wedding planning has been taking precedent over many other things. I despise weddings, so it has been a challenge for me to really get into the mood to plan a wedding. Thanks to a number of factors- supportive family on both sides, the discovery of the Off Beat Bride website and pinterest page, and a trip back home to make some plans- my love of planning has kicked in and we are full speed ahead on this wedding planning thing.

If you are a fan of my Sims blogs, I’m sorry to be a disappointment with posting. I haven’t been in the mood to play the game in ages. Sims 4 is due out this year, and I had the same exact problem when the Sims 3 was coming out. Despite having a really cool new expansion to play with, I ignored the Sims 2 and just pined for the Sims 3. Sigh. This may last until the Sims 4 happens. Which makes me sad since I want to finish up some of those story lines, but my motivation to play is completely lost.

In more recent news (aka last night), Harree Butters had to be toted off to the Animal Emergency Hospital last night. Don’t worry, he’s doing pretty well…though not as well as we had hoped, but more on that in a follow-up post.

It’s Jimmy’s birthday today, and since he doesn’t read this, I feel safe in telling you that I plan to leave 15 minutes early so I can pick him up the almond cake he loves, and buy him a new X-Wing miniature for his game. I usually don’t surprise him with gifts, but I know he wants this and will be super excited, so I can’t wait to give it to him.


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