Calling all Geeks

I’m a member of the International Geek Girl Penpal Club. You don’t have to be a girl or a penpaller to join…you do have to enjoy geek/nerd culture though. 😉

We are currently in the midst of our House Competition. And one of the ways I can earn points for myself is to recruit YOU!


In IGGPPC we have forums, a blog called +5 Charisma which is about all geek things, a book club, a fitness club, a movie club, and more. We chat about movies, tv, pc games, board games, cats, RPGs, books, and all our various fandoms. Anything goes and the people are awesome. If you do happen to penpal, we have monthly penpal matchups. Also, we have ACHIEVEMENTS!!!!!!!

As an added bonus, they are doing giveaways starting TOMORROW to celebrate the birthday of the site!

To help me get points:

1) Join


2) Signup for a penpal on March 15th


From the site- “3. Invite a Friend. 2 points
Get a friend to join up to IGGPPC or sign up for a pen pal round. Ask your friend nicely to snap a picture representing IGGPPC and post it in the thread or maybe they can pop into the thread and say hi and let us know who introduced them to IGGPPC!”

Once you sign up, head over to the House Organa forum and post in the House Competition thread saying that I sent you, or even better post a picture of you doing something nerdy or representing whatever house you are assigned to.




5 thoughts on “Calling all Geeks

    • Thanks 🙂 Make sure you are logged in, first. Go to “Forums” (black bar up at the top) then to “House Organa” (under the Houses category) then to “Second House Competition: Organa (second post down) and just add a post to the thread saying that I invited you and you joined. 🙂


  1. No, thank you!

    So, for postcards and other kinds of swaps, go to “forums” again. Scroll down past all the categories, the bottom will be “IGGPPC Activities”…that’s were all the activities are like book club, movie club, fitness club, etc…Click on “swaps and exchanges” and shop around for a swap you like.

    Oh, wait, do you mean the postcard *I* sent you? I’ll leave the above, just in case you want to swap stuff…but to get the official IGGLE postcards go up to the black bar again and hover over “get involved” then click on “street team”. It’ll tell you where to send an e-mail to, and then a few weeks later you’ll get a stack of postcards to try to recruit others.


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