Time, Harree’s Potassium, and Don’t Starve

I need to find more time.

My to-do list is way too darn long. I really, really need to start wedding planning and I really, really want to…it’s not a motivation issue, it’s a time thing. How do I get more time? I want to post here more. I want to watch more shows. I want to penpal more. I want to play more games. I want to organize my house. I want to read more. I want to play with my cats more. I don’t know how to do all the things I want to do.

Harree’s Potassium

It’s been six months since Harree’s potassium supplement was reduced for the second time. He still appears healthy, but we’ll know for certain tomorrow. He’s got a vet appointment tomorrow for bloodwork. If his values look good, the plan is to eliminate the potassium. He’ll still be on special food, it just won’t be laced with potassium. Fingers crossed. I hope Dr. H is working.

Don’t Starve

Thanks to a final push from my sister, I downloaded the PC version of Don’t Starve earlier this week. It’s a fantastic little game and I highly recommend it. I got Jimmy addicted to it as well! I’ll do a review on here at some point. This morning, I played the Sims for a bit (a single Sim day…so for like 20 minutes, lol) and was planning on playing again now. However, I mentioned Sims Medieval at the party I went to this afternoon, a game that I haven’t played in over a year….and now I’m in the mood for that. I’ll sneak in a few minutes of that tonight, after this post.


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