International Geek Girl Penpal Club!!!



I stumbled upon this group a few months ago. I checked out the site a bit, and signed up for one of their penpal matchups. The match-ups intrigued me as participants are handmatched based on 5 of their “Geek Loves”. While the match was successful, I didn’t stick around on their site. I liked them on Facebook, and moved on.

Since they have been wildly successful, they launched a brand-spanking new website a week ago. I was fortunate to hear about this on the first day (thanks to the FB page), so I checked it out.

I am addicted to this group now.

In this past week I have discussed on their forums: cats, Steam, PC games, board games (and the kind I play…these folks have awesome tastes), science, books, Dragon Age and podcasts. I’ve found at least 2 other people who have 7 cats each (look…I’m not as weird as you thought). People love Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Firefly, Welcome to Night Vale, The Nerdist, Dragon Age Origins, The Sims, etc… But it’s not like they just like one or two of these things. I feel like I have multiple things in common with each person.


They also have ACHIEVEMENTS on the website…with amazingly nerdy references. I seriously love these people. I can’t even explain.

You are assigned into houses (Quinn, Granger, GlaDOS, and Organa). Organa is for the 30+ crowd, so that is where I reside.

Honestly, you don’t even need to be a penpaller to join up, I don’t think. Sign up, partake in the forums, and then maybe you will be inspired to get a penpal. OH, and boys are allowed to. They are uncommon. But totally allowed.

I seriously recommend this website anytime you want to nerd out (or Geek out, I suppose).

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One thought on “International Geek Girl Penpal Club!!!

  1. One of my pen pals was just telling me about this and I think it’s such a cool idea. I’m not sure if I count as a geek, but if/when I want a new pen pal I might consider this. Or maybe you and I could just write each other, haha.


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