Have Goals for the New Year?

A shameless plug that may assist you in your goals for the upcoming year.

A Healthy Dose– Have health-related goals and want some form of accountability? Check out my yahoo group called A Healthy Dose of Encouragement. We don’t care what your health goals are nor where you are in your process. This group is solely for encouraging other to stay on course and providing the opportunity for weekly check-ins to keep you on task.

A Good Book– Want to read more? Join my reading yahoo! group. Find out what other people are reading, share recommendations, get reviews, and help create themed reading lists.

Challenge Junkie– A catch-all group for ambitious-types who like to make crazy to-do lists or create self-imposed challenges for themselves. New Year’s Resolutions not your style? Perhaps you’d enjoy the Day Zero Project…101 mini goals to be accomplished in 1001 days. Our next cycle starts this July, so it’s a great time to sign-up and start preparing your list. We also share other challenge/to-do/goal related things.



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