Quick Review: The Lincoln Lawyer

As I mentioned in my review of Along Came a Spider, I’ve ventured outside my normal genres for my Mystery Reading Challenge by choosing modern day crime novels from authors featured in the TV series, Castle. The second book I chose to read for this challenge was The Lincoln Lawyer written in 2005 by Michael Connelly. Like Along Came a Spider, this was also turned into a movie.

My disappointing read of Along Came a Spider combined with the description of this novel as a “legal thrilled” made me quite wary. While I love crime, I’m typically not interested when lawyers become involved. I’m interested in detectives solving crimes, not the court proceedings that follow.

Thankfully, the writing in this book is really good. I can see why it has won awards. Unlike the aforementioned book, I actually understand why this writer is popular. His style is quite exciting. Additionally, he had plot twists that were unexpected yet logical. It made sense after I heard it, I just didn’t think of it- which is the kind of plot twist you want. Predictable is bad,  but so is far-fetched and unbelievable. This was a good balance. I moved through the book pretty quickly. I can’t say that it turned me on to this genre and I don’t see myself hunting down novels by Michael Connelly in the near future. BUT…if one was recommended by a friend, given to me as a gift, or part of a reading challenge, I would be delighted to read another of his works.

I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars, mostly because this isn’t my genre. If you do like legal thrillers, I’d recommend it.


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