Where I’ve Been

My humblest apologies for being quiet for so long. When last I posted, we were getting ready to host another one of our infamous Maine Trips at my grandfather’s cabin in Bridgton, Maine. The trip was fabulous, as always, but when we returned it was Thanksgiving, and then back-to-back D&D weekends since we were having so few games with the holidays, then it’s been shopping, making, packaging and shipping Christmas gifts! The few hours I have after work before bed have been jammed with activity. Really, I could have made more of an effort to post and I’ll try to do so in the future.


The snack table at the Maine house!


We buy a lot of the food from Costco to save money.


The beverage selection. The juice boxes did not do well this year.


We visited MaineMeadWorks to learn all about mead production (and to get samples of course).


We walked around Portland and took pictures of humorous signage.


It took a group effort to complete this puzzle…it also involved relocating the coffee table to the hallway for better lighting.


Many, many games were played (of course!). We played Settlers, Bohnanza, Pandemic, Fluxx, Scattegories, Munchkin and more.


And the sounds of the game Space Alert filled the house.


Dixee and Harree traveled with us.


A small group of us ventured out to the White Mountains (~1 hour away) to drive the Kancamangus Highway.


We stopped several times along the way for pictures, and short walks to stretch our legs.



We were happy to discover snow near the highest point of the Kanc.

20131114_100516 20131114_111831-ERASER

We also took a trip to visit this famous sign.



Maine has a habit of naming towns after other countries, which results in some silly signage.

We had a fantastic time, and we are already planning our next trip (of course!).  As an added bonus, this trip completed another one of my Day Zero Projects.


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