Cat Focus: Dixee

By request, I’m doing another cat focus.

Next up: Dixee

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Dixee’s Day

Like Lefty, Dixee is older, so spends most of her day sleeping or at least resting. Unlike Lefty, however, Dixee likes to change her location often, and she is a bit of a social sleeper.

Dixee can be found all over the house in various comfy places. She loves to be near people. Since, as I am typing, I am in the basement, so is Dixee. If I were in the living room, she’d likely be in the living room too. But, that’s not always the case. She likes to change it up a bit.

Dixee can often be found cuddling, or at least sleeping near other cats. Most often, she’ll be snuggling with Harree or Lefty; however, her and Meredith can frequently be found on the bed next to each other, sometimes with Miles. Her and Miss Melody will also occasionally share the front room couch in the evening. She very rarely is in proximity to Fred.

When it’s sunny Dixee may be found in a sunbeam at the backdoor. When the furnace is running, she can be found sitting next to the floor vent waiting for the heat to blow out (if Miles isn’t there already).

Throughout the day, Dixee will take breaks from her napping to play with toys, or deliver her “murder babies”. She also likes affection, and will let you know when she needs to be pet.

She doesn’t have a particularly daily food and water routine, like Lefty. She just shows up when foods out.

IMG_2508 (Large)

Dixee goes through phases when it comes to sleeping in the bed at night. Currently, she isn’t sleeping with us, but I expect that will change as the weather gets cooler.

One thing Dixee likes to do is join me in bed about 30 minutes or so before I get up. She wakes me up with her purring, telling me I need to move over so she can snuggle up next to me and use my arm as a pillow.

IMG_5984 (Large)

Dixee’s Health

Dixee is also in good shape for her age. Unlike Lefty, Dixee is overweight, but that’s more common in older females, particularly those who have had kittens. Dixee’s records show that she likely had kittens at some point before she was rescued and adopted.

Dixee has some very minor health issues, including:

– A fatty deposit in her abdomen. We’ve had it checked periodically to make sure it doesn’t develop into something dangerous. It’s pretty big, but doesn’t pose a risk right now. You can feel it on her tummy though.

– Arthritis. There’s not much you can do for cats since they can’t take inflammatory meds as often as humans can. She’s on a vet-prescribed supplement that has had a noticeable impact, and we also set up stairs for her to get on the bed- which she finally started using.

– An unknown respiratory ailment. Sometimes, particularly when stressed, she makes an odd noise that sounds like a cross between coughing and an asthma attack. She doesn’t make it often, but she’s had it for as long as I can remember. The vet has heard the noise, and investigated, and can’t find anything wrong with her.  She’s on a wellness plan and receives regular comprehensive exams with bloodwork, so hopefully we’ll catch it if it develops into something more.

IMG_6063 (Large)


Dixee’s Murder Babies

Dixee knows it is her responsibility, as the matriarch of our clowder, to ensure that we are all fed sufficiently. This is why she takes it upon herself to hunt various prey items…stuffed mice, socks, scrunchies, stuffed cephalopods, and other similar creatures. Once she kills these creatures, she drags them to the pack making a very loud noise that is somewhere in between a meow and a purr- to let us know it’s time to eat. She most often does this when it’s time to eat, when Jimmy and I are eating, or when she wants some of my food (I assume she is offering a trade). However, sometimes she does this when she thinks we need a snack….in the evening when we are sitting in the living room, or right before I fall asleep at night. Meredith and Melody also have prey-hunting duties, though they are not nearly as extensive as Dixee’s.

IMG_5996 (Large)

Dixee’s Updated Profile


Name: Dixee (Source: Previous Owner)

Alternate Names: Ditsy, Miss Dixee, Angel Pumpkin Muffin

Age: 13

Origin/History: Dixee, and Harree, were adopted by Jimmy & I while here in Toledo. Their previous owner was a friend who could no longer keep them.

Favorite Foods/Flavors: warm soup, green olives, salty sauces and broth that she can lick from my plate

Special Needs: arthritis “treats” twice a day, wiping stridex pads on her chin for cat acne occasionally

Personality in Five Words: feminine, reserved, calm, quiet, sweet

Personality Quirks: I think it has been agreed upon that Dixee is the sweetest cat in the household. She loves curling up in typical, adorable, sleeping cat poses particularly in warm areas. Her purr is a quiet and breathy purr, very different from everyone else’s. While usually the most calm and reserved of the household, she’ll occasionally spazzes out and gets crazy hyper playing with toys or playfighting with Lefty

Favorite Activities: politely waiting for me to be done eating so she can lick the plate, hunting her “murder babies”, cleaning herself and anyone else who will let her clean them, waiting by the vents for the heat to come on

 Dixee is awesome because: she makes the most adorable noises (her purr, and the noise she makes when she is “feeding” us); she pulls off being sweet & feisty at the same time; she takes care of everyone; she always senses when I don’t feel well and then lays next to me purring (the vibration of a cat’s purr has been shown to have healing properties in other cats, that is why nursing moms purr so much); and she is just downright adorable.


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