My 7am Weekend Alarm Clock

20131006_102127 20131006_102112

During the week, I wake up at 5:30am…and even on the weekends I tend to wake up pretty early around 6:30am. However, on the rare occasion I sleep in until 7am or so…my second alarm clock kicks in.

Perhaps Miss Melody is worried I’ll be late for something, or perhaps she is bored and just wants to play…for whatever reason. Around 7am, if I’m still in bed she begins her alarm clock routine.

She starts by climbing on to my stomach (not a big deal, she’s the smallest of the kitties) and kneading (a little more painful) while purring fairly loudly. She’ll carry on for about 5 minutes or so.

Finally, she’ll lay down.

But that will last all of a minute or less, before she gets up and leaves.

She’ll come back 5 minutes later and do the same thing. After 2 or 3 cycles of kneading, resting and leaving, she moves on to stage 2.

Next she’ll climb up on to me again, but instead of staying she’ll use me as a springboard lunging off my chest and landing elsewhere on the bed.  Next she’ll leap back on to me, fairly forcefully (I swear she must get a running start for these), rest a minute, and leap off again.

This will carry on for 5 minutes or so. Normally, I give in at this point.

If I’m being particularly stubborn, she moves on to the dreaded stage 3.

Stage 3 involves biting. She nibbles my arms…sometimes my stomach…sometimes my hair. She never breaks skin, but it’s a bit more violent than her love bites. The hair is particularly painful actually, because she pulls at it.

I never stay in bed long enough to discover stage 4. Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough.


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