Cat Focus: Lefty

It’s been a long time since I updated the profile page for the kitties. Therefore, over the next several weeks I’ll be shining the spotlight on one particular cat each week. I’ll take several pictures of them throughout the course of the week, describe their daily life, and update their profile.

First up: Lefty.


Lefty’s Morning Routine

  • 5:30am- Grumbles at me when I’m getting out of bed. He sleeps at the end of the bed, so the movement of my feet when I get up usually disturbs him. He sometimes sleeps in the middle of the bed, as well.
  • 5:30 to 6:15am- While all the other cats are waiting outside the bathroom door for me to finish up my shower and feed them, Lefty stays in bed with Jimmy.
  • 6:15am- Gets out of bed when he hears the door to the bathroom open.
  • 6:20am- Eating
  • 6:25am- Sitting in the kitchen.
  • 6:35am- Drinks a bunch of water. It is very routine for Lefty…he eats, takes a break in the kitchen for a bit, then drinks a bunch of water before choosing his resting spot for the day.


Lefty’s Day

Lefty spends most of his time sleeping. He wakes up only to: change positions or spots, visit the litter box, eat, inform me its time to eat (he has an excellent internal clock), or whack at another cat who has invaded his personal space.

The only time this pattern shifts is when we’re having people over or he has to go to the vet. He loves people, so he likes to be in the center of attention, or rather affection.

His favorite spots to sleep during the day include: Jimmy’s recliner, the arm of the brown couch in the living room, and anywhere on the couch downstairs. Sometimes he can be found on the bed, or laying on the kitchen floor. Jimmy’s recliner is the most common place, however, especially when Jimmy is in it. The two of them often watch TV together. Dixee sometimes joins them on the armrest.


Lefty repeats his eating routines in the evening, and once again right before bed.

At night, Lefty will frequently join me when I go to bed. I usually get in bed at least an hour before I go to sleep, so Lefty joins me- along with a few other kitties. When Jimmy comes in, Lefty will leave, head to the kitchen, hop up on the counter to check for edibles, hop down and come back to bed. We know when Lefty jumps off the counter- he makes a very distinct (and loud) noise due to his gimp paw. After he returns, Lefty will remain in the bed and sleep through the whole night.



Photo: Lefty has a soft spot for Miss Melody as she is the only one allowed to share his food bowl on a regular basis.

Lefty’s Health

For his age, Lefty is in great shape. He has no chronic health issues and is a healthy weight for his size!



Photo: Lefty in his recliner.

Lefty’s Updated Profile

Name: Lefty (Source: his gimpy left paw)

Alternate Names: Telly (former real name), Grandpa Lefty, King Lefty…he pretty much only goes by Lefty.

Age: 18 (estimated)

Origin/History: Lefty was adopted by Jimmy from his previous owner a long time ago. Lefty resided with Jimmy & Bill in their New Bedford, MA apartment before moving out to Ohio with us. We moved out here with only 2 kitties, Lefty was one of them.

Favorite Foods/Flavors: Cheez-its, cheese, anything salty, popcorn

Special Needs: Lefty has a gimp paw from an injury that didn’t heal properly before we adopted him. The vets we have spoken to all agree that fixing it will require him to have surgery (and cause pain) and isn’t worth it since he gets along fine with it and it doesn’t appear to bother him.

Personality in Five Words: regal, resourceful, calm, cool, grumpy

Personality Quirks: He is very vocal with a slightly pathetic sounding meow that makes him seem like he is always complaining.

Favorite Activities: sleeping, getting his chin scratched, letting people stack small objects on him (seriously…we like to see how many dice and other misc. D&D items we can put on Lefty before he moves), laying on D&D grids

Favorite Toy: Up until recently, we hadn’t found a toy Lefty enjoyed. Previously an outdoor cat, toys didn’t spark Lefty’s instincts. However, he quite enjoys an animated rat on an app for kitties on my tablet.

Why I’m Awesome: Lefty is awesome because Lefty is my rock. Nothing bothers Lefty. He has this calm, collected demeanor that is a constant. He loves attention and his loud purr lets you know he is appreciating it. Lefty has a lot of character.  Oh…and he rolls dice…with his gimp paw.

DSCN1115Photo: Typical Lefty- complaining!




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