DZP Task #21: Get my “degree” from Cat College

Task #21 of my Day Zero Project is to get my “degree” from cat college.

Well, what on earth is that?

Cat Channel, run by the Cat Fancy magazine folks, has a cutesy little setup on their website known as Cat College.

It’s free series of online courses. Courses consist of a short video, a brief article, and a quiz. It’s setup similar to real college…there are years, and semesters and things increase and difficulty and specificity.  However, there are only three of these short classes in each semester.

The topics cover a wide variety of cat-related issues…health, nutrition, history, different breeds, etc…

I’ve completed three classes so far (they only take about 15 minutes each). All the classes have been very easy and much of the information has been common sense, or general well-known knowledge. However, I have picked up a few pieces of interesting trivia here and there, and I’m hoping things will get more challenging in later courses.

I chose to do this for a DZP task because, obviously, cat are a passion of mine and I want to do everything I can to improve my ability to take care of them and understand them.


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