Health Group

I have a small yahoo! group dedicated to healthy living. Things have been quiet for several months, but the holidays have made some of us renew our health goals.

The idea behind the group is the posting of weekly goals. You are encouraged, but not required, to post weekly personal health goals. They can be anything- we don’t judge! If your goal is to have veggies on your dinner plate 4 times this week, or take two walks…that’s fine…likewise, if your goal is to do an hour of cardio everyday. Whatever your health-level is and whatever your goals are, we are supportive.

Posting goals gives you a feeling of accountability. Other folks posting also reminds you to keep your goals.

It was working great for me, but then I got  a new job with a long commute. The holiday food binges, my lowering energy levels, and a bit of weight increase (I think, I haven’t weighed myself, but I can feel it) has prompted me to restart my health goals.

I invite you to join us! All are welcome.



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