Anno 2070, Dishwasher Repair, and Kitties in the Basement

I’m on the couch in the basement. Miss Melody and Fred are hanging out down here with me. Miss Melody has spent most of her time down here the last couple of days, so I thought she might want some company.

I’m waiting to go upstairs so I can finish the dishes from last night (from pie creation) and today’s lunch, and to work on the cinnamon coins. The boys currently have my dishwasher apart. If they can manage to get it working without breaking (and not immediately fixing) anything else (I think they already broke the sink), all will be forgiven and I’ll reward them with delicious cookies.

It took my 30 minutes to get Anno 2070 working this morning thanks to AVG virus protection deciding the game was a virus and preventing it from launching (I investigated it, and everything is fine, AVG is just poorly informed). I replayed the start-up mission successfully. Looking forward to additional missions this afternoon.

Thankful countdown:

4) Friends- I’m thankful for my amazing friends. They are interesting, fun, silly, trustworthy, low-drama, patient, intelligent, caring, and wonderful people to know and love. This includes every member of my current D&D crew, every member of the Maine crew, my two best friends from high school that I still stay in contact with…Jackie and Billie, and my good friend and penpal Kate!


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