Good Food

Just finished cleaning up from dinner! All foodstuffs were excellent! Jimmy even seemed to approve of my jellied cranberry sauce! It was very yummy, and the jellied version comes out pretty sweet. Everything was DELICIOUS and perfecto.

I still have cooking to do though….

Tonight: blueberry pies, pecan pie

Tomorrow/Saturday: Cinnamon Coins & Swedish Dreams (cookies), Fudge

Cats & dog interactions are still going relatively smooth…I’m a SUPER PROUD MAMA for how brave my babies are being….in particular Miles, who has started to behave almost normally while in the room with the dog. And I give kudos to Fred and Melody as well…Miss Melody is still obviously very scared, and has spent a lot of time in the basement…but she does venture up occasionally to say “hi”. Santa should be good to the children this year!

Thankful Countdown:

7) Will Wright/Maxis/EA Games- I played SimCity and SimTown on my Apple II C+ computer meaning I’ve played the Sims series for over 20 years. I started playing the original The Sims as soon as it came out in 2000. And I’ve purchased every expansion pack since then. In highschool, I did 2 different school projects on The Sims. I’m thankful to Will Wright for starting Maxis and inventing the series that introduced me to computer games, and EA for continuing to produce these games.


The turkey!


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