I don’t have enough time to do a regular post tonight…things took longer than planned this evening. I’m feeling pretty rushed right now, and I’m annoyed that (for reasons beyond his control) I don’t have Jimmy tonight or tomorrow when I desperately need him to help with the housework so I can focus on the game.

I wanted to be super-prepared for the fist game…and I’m far, far from it. 😦 It sucks because I’ve *wanted* to spend more time on it since I’m super excited about the new campaign. Spending two hours a day in a car really sucks your time away. Haven’t even gotten to enjoy the new Sims expansion pack that I was so excited to get yesterday.

Sorry to be so down…but all I can think about at the moment is my very lengthy to-do list. After Saturday’s game, it’ll simply be replaced by the extensive Thanksgiving to-do list.

Anyway, here’s a wordle of my most recent posts.


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