More photos of cats and weekend recaps


Fred…and a sneak peek at the redesign of the gaming basement.


I got my camera out to take a picture of Lefty and Meredith cuddling!!! But, Meredith despises my camera and as soon as she hears it come on she jets. So, here’s Miles instead.


And Fred, again.

Today’s accomplishments:

  • All of this week’s shopping…Meijer, Monette’s and Costco. This will hopefully make my nights easier this week.
  • Finished Christmas list
  • Some organization in the game room
  • Laundry is pretty much caught up now
  • Daily to-do list (getting ready for tomorrow, packing lunches, etc…)
  • More Civ 5
  • Some Pathfinder stuff…not as much as I wanted, but at least its progress

What I didn’t get to: finishing my letter to Kate, baking stuff, playing The Sims and spending more time than normal with Piggy (I stopped in for a few visits, of course…but I had hoped to spend a few hours).

Tomorrow, when I get home from work, I should find The Sims 3: Seasons expansion at my door. I haven’t received a shipping notification yet, which is worrisome…but it should be there.


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