Still a lot to do…

Today wasn’t too bad on the productivity side when you take into account all the football. :p


Here’s a photo of this afternoon’s trip to Smokey Bones.

In addition to football…

  • We shopped for a couple new chairs for the gaming area…but cheaped out of the situation and made more economical decisions with the furniture we have.
  • Worked a bit more on the gaming room, which is pretty much done except for a few organizational endeavors.
  • Made some progress on the Christmas list.
  • I caught up on my email…inbox was officially empty earlier today.
  • More laundry is done
  • We played more Civ 5
  • Halloween decorations are put away
  • Made the grocery lists for tomorrow
  • A few campaign/adventure related items such as the completion of the calendar

Not bad…but I still need a really productive day tomorrow. SO glad I have it off!


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