We did, in fact, have a productive day, but setting up the game room took a bit longer than planned…and it’s still not done.

We woke up early, completed the errand, and started switching back and forth between our daily list, Civ 5 turns, and setting up the game room.

We did dishes and laundry. In the game room we picked up, vacuumed, used carpet cleaner, moved our big TV out, moved the TV stand out, moved a big table in, moved a smaller table out, rearranged the couch and litterboxes, and some other smaller things. Thanks to the furniture rearrangement we also started rearranging the living room to accommodate the big TV.

I’m very pleased with both the arrangement of the game room and the living room. However, I didn’t get any actual game-related stuff done. Nor did I complete anything else on my list. UGH.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get another early start tomorrow, so I can get a few hours of stuff done before we leave for Smokey’s at 12:30pm.


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