Weekend Plans

Three day weekend! Fingers crossed for a weekend that is both very productive and very relaxing. I need it to be both!

Saturday’s Plans:

  • Quick errand in the morning
  • Game Room Cleanup & Setup: In preparation for the re-start of our tabletop RPG sessions, we are going to do some rearranging of the basement game room with the goal of making the table area larger so that the GM and all the players can sit at it. This will require some major rearranging of furniture, some of which will impact the living room. This will be accompanied by a decent amount of cleaning and organization to freshen things up.
  • Daily List: As always, we’ll have our daily to-do list to work on which  includes items like laundry, dishes, etc…
  • Campaign Planning: It’s crunch time for planning the first adventure of our new RPG campaign since it kicks off next weekend (ahhh!!!) I have SO much to do from responding to player e-mails, to major adventure tweaking and modification, combat preparation, continuing to work on my DM binder, updating of the wiki, creation of the calendar, and the list goes on and on.
  • Civ 5 with Jimmy: Jimmy & I find we work best when we can take short breaks to entertain ourselves. We’ll have a hot seat game of Civilization 5 going, so we get 2 to 10 minute breaks in between moving furniture and cleaning!
  • Other Tasks: While the above are my priorities for tomorrow, other things I hope to work on include finishing a letter to my penpal, catching up on my e-mail, creating our Christmas list for family members who requested one, spending time with Whisket and baking some tasty treats.


  • Daily List: In the morning, before football; if not completed, more after football
  • Football: From 12:45 to 5pm we’ll be at Smokey Bones doing the normal football and food thing with friends. Good times.
  • Haven: Jimmy & I need to catchup on Haven


  • Daily List
  • Finish working on the Game Room
  • More Pathfinder stuff
  • Possibly grocery shopping
  • The “other” stuff I listed on Saturday
  • Playing some Sims? I hope…after typing this list up, I’m becoming concerned I’ve over booked my weekend. :/

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