The Sims 3! Bachelor Challenge & SEASONS!

I’m still playing The Sims, of course. I’m fairly certain people who know me associate me with the game…and have done so since highschool when I did two different school projects using The Sims (at that time- the original!).

In Sims 3 News:

  • The Sims 3 Seasons expansion pack comes out in less than a week! This expansion will add weather (finally, it’s something I’ve missed from the Sims 2, holidays, seasonal activities and food (snowmen, pumpkin pie, etc…) and aliens finally return to the game. SUPER EXCITED for this expansion. The festivals will provide excellent places for dates for my Bachelor challenges.
  • New patch added swimmable beaches and an attraction system…haven’t played around with the either all that much, but so far I am very much interested in them…particularly the attraction system and how it’ll impact the Bachelor.
  • The last expansion, released only a short time ago, was Supernatural. I haven’t played around with the features all that much, as they will take awhile to work into the Bachelor series, but you can expect fairies, witches, and other interesting folks to be options in the next Sims Bachelor challenge.

In my Sims 3 world:

  • I’ve been doing a new Bachelor challenge with, as usual, contestants submitted by friends and fellow simmers. Progress is slow but I’ve been trying to play every day for 15 minutes…it doesn’t always happen (its more like every other day), but I try. This coming weekend should bring significantly more progress. When this challenge is complete, I’ll move on to a different neighborhood with a different Bachelor and ask for new contestants (though previous contestants will be welcome to run again!). I’ll make some minor changes to the actual challenge as well. I’ll continue to play Chauncey and his new wife in Moonlight Falls.
  • The Sims Blog:
  • For more updates, you can like my facebook page:
  • If I ever find the time, I also have plans to create a family whose sole purpose is to collect as many magical garden gnomes as possible. Stay tuned.


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