Cat Update

Update on all the kitties…

Warning: this post mentions cat poop…

Lefty- We had a slight scare on Thursday evening when Lefty had an accident on the floor…right in front of me. This isn’t normal behavior for Lefty, or for any of our cats for that matter! Cat messes on the floor only every come from puke, hairballs, or the very occasional “nunchuck” poop (the term gets credited to Meghan who used it the other day; it refers to the occasional poop that gets stuck on a piece of long human hair that the cat accidentally digested…so it doesn’t get dropped off in the litterbox). Anywho, alarm bells went off in my head…Lefty is ANCIENT and each year brings an increased risk of elderly cat health issues such as failing kidneys. Even if it wasn’t a chronic issue, it was unusual behavior and therefore indicative of something being wrong. I called the vet and made an appointment for Saturday. Lefty is on a wellness plan (not insurance, more of a health care package…he gets certain things covered each year, and a discount on meds) and he had available a comprehensive exam, bloodwork and a urine analysis, so he got  a very complete checkup. Good news…his bloodwork is FANTASTIC…better than his far younger brother, Harree who has chronic kidney issues. He was straight down the middle for most of his values including all kidney and liver numbers. He got a clean bill of health and shot of antibiotics for his likely urinary tract infection. Thus far, he seems to be doing great and we have a recheck in 2 weeks.

Dixee- No new Dixee news. She’s as sweet and loveable as ever, and still insists on “feeding” us socks, stuffed mice, scrunchies, and really anything else that is small and soft. She’s an excellent mother figure.

Piggy- No new Piggy news either. I’m trying to think up some ideas for how to make her environment more interesting. She doesn’t really like playing with toys. I made a date to hang out with her for a longer time than normal this weekend and maybe tidy up her room a bit.

Harree- Harree had bloodwork done a few weeks ago and his results were pretty good. Not as nice and perfect as Lefty’s, but his potassium levels were such that the vet decided we can reduce his potassium supplement by 1/2. We’ll try this for 6 months. If his levels are good and stable again in 6 months, we may reduce it even further. Unfortunately, his kidney values are not good enough to start reducing his special diet food. However, he is doing well enough that the vet had no concerns.

Meredith- Still crazy. Meredith’s social skills continue to improve. She is slowly becoming more and more interested in human interaction. She still startles easily and doesn’t liked being grabbed- or even touched with both hands. However, she continues to get more demanding her requests for attention, which now includes rubbing up against you, head butts, and the occasional 2 front paws on the lap. She frequently joins me in the bed, as well. Often curling up near my feet, but sometimes jumping up beside me for a quick pet.

Fred- Boatload of trouble, this one. He’s spoiled rotten. He makes this baby-like cry that grabs at my maternal instinct and I give adorable scoundrel anything he wants. He is by far my most affectionate cat, but most people will never know it since he tends to confine his affections to Jimmy & I.

Miles- As I’m typing this, Miles is bringing me his “fresh kill” while making the odd purr-meow hunting noise. He picked up this habit from the ladies who do this often (particularly Dixee). The only difference…instead of cat toys and things resembling cat toys- like my socks…Miles’ murder babies are…pieces of paper. Small gold envelopes, grocery lists, index cards, D&D printouts, instruction manuals for appliances…Miles has always been the odd one. Sometimes, to make sure his kills are truly dead, he’ll drown them in the waterbowl first. It’s very strange, but it seems to make him happy.

Miss Melody- Miss Melody doesn’t notice when her siblings drop food on her head. She’ll walk around for 20 minutes with a single piece of dry food balanced on the back of her neck, or top of her head. She’s the short one…and prefers to share bowls of food with others, particularly Lefty (I have no idea why, since he growls at her the whole time). Consequently, food gets dropped on her as the other cats consume their’s over her head. Now, I sometimes refer to her as “food-on-her-head-miss-melody”. She also eats like she’s trying to grow up to be the same size as Fred. I’ve tried to explain to her that she’s done growing and no matter how much she eats, she’ll never be as tall as them.

Now, here is why I steal photos of my cats from Mike. I attempted to snap quick photos of all my kitties to go with this post (except Piggy since it’s already dark in her room, and I didn’t want to bother her eyes by turning the lights on AND snapping a picture with a flash). Here are some of the better results:


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