Currently Watching…


I just reached the end of the first season of Doctor Who…and it’s time for a new doctor. I don’t handle changes in casting well. I get too attached. I’m afraid I’ll have a difficult time appreciating the next Doctor because I’ll be comparing him to the first (one I saw, I know he’s the ninth, but he’s *my* first).

But, the damn show is addictive. I didn’t anticipate liking it…I don’t like science fiction all that much. But, I do enjoy British shows…particularly due to their taste in humor, which is why I decided to give Doctor Who a go. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve started…14 days exactly…and I’ve seen 13 episodes. I’m averaging almost an episode a day. Addiction.

If you are also a fan of the series, please tell me…how long did it take you to fall in love with the Tenth Doctor? Please tell me it was fast.

Other television interests…

– I watched 3 episodes of the Walking Dead a couple weeks ago and I was enjoying it…but then I found Doctor Who. I plan to return to it, though.

– I’ve watched the first episode or two of Castle, Bones and Once Upon a Time. I haven’t kept up to date with them, though (because I found Doctor Who). I won’t let them expire from my queue- they’ll be watched…just not now (because I…well, you know).

– I watched the first episode of Chicago Fire….I remain perplexed as to why I watched it. It’s in my queue…but I don’t know if I’ll get back to it.

– I have a severe Haven backlog in my queue because Jimmy & I haven’t been able to watch anything together in while.

– Fairly Legal was cancelled. 😦 So bummed. Such good characters. Much witty banter. Will miss terribly.

– But FL getting canceled, just reminds me that Body of Proof was NOT cancelled, despite the mediocre ratings…so that will start appearing in my queue midseason.

As you can tell, my queue is gigantic. I watch too many shows…but I don’t watch them often enough. Until I found Doctor Who (why does that man keep creeping into all my sentences? Addiction), I was averaging about one 1-hour show a week. Thank goodness shows repeat themselves some weeks. And thank goodness Thanksgiving is coming, so I can catch up. Although…the new Sims expansion will be out by then; also I’ll probably end up watching more (okay, all together now) Doctor Who!