Lefty’s Great Day

This morning we did a list of errands we had neglected to do during the week including a trip to the pet store for kitty kibble, Harree’s special wet food, and flea prevention from the vet. We also decided to spend the $8 that their “grandma” sent them for their birthday. I was stumped at what to get though because: a) they have too many toys, and b) Lefty doesn’t really do toys…he only likes treats and we are all set on that front.

Well, I found a bird that chirps for everybody else, but for Lefty we found a compressed catnip CIGAR.It just screamed Lefty…or at least grumpy-old-man-cat.


Also, Jimmy has been bugging me to get a leash and harness for Lefty so we could let him go outside again- he’ll just be supervised. I was highly skeptical, but since I know Lefty really longs to go outside I consented.

And I’m happy to report that Jimmy was correct- Lefty CAN be walked. He’s not prancing after us like a dog, just yet nor does he follow orders.

I picked him up and placed him outside. He was very nervous, then attempted to bolt and the leash caught him. It took him several minutes to adapt to the harness and the situation, but once he was comfortable and understood that I was in charge….he became the perfect gentlemen. He walked around calmly, laid down a bit, ate lots of grass and had a good time. We’ll stay in the backyard for awhile, but I’m super impressed and think he’ll be able to travel a bit more around the neighborhood in the future.


I know he looks grumpy in this picture, it was towards the beginning of our walk- but by the end he was purring contentedly.


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