A Return of The Sims 2 and The Bachelor Challenge

I was playing The Sims 3 on my desktop computer since it came out. It doesn’t function on my laptop, but even on my desktop it was a struggle. It has been very slow with long loading times since the beginning and I’ve had to run it on the lowest game settings.  While I love The Sims 3, each expansion made the game even slower until after Pets it became practically painful to play. I pretty much stopped playing altogether. Occasionally, I got a hankering to play so I played for a couple days to quench it, but as soon as my Sim started making money and buying cool new toys (along with an expanding neighborhood), I’d give up. Then, finally, my CD drives stopped working altogether- just when I had another hankering.

Since Sims 3 came out, I’ve missed The Sims 2. I kept telling myself that they would add my favorite aspects into the game with the expansion packs. Well six packs later and I’m still missing the majority of my favorites. So, I came up with a genius idea…I CAN PLAY THE SIMS 2 while I wait for a new computer! Brilliant.

So, TS2 has returned…though this time I introduced to the laptop, and it runs fabulously (well, at least compared to TS3).  I’m a happy camper.

This means the return of my Bachelor Challenge! This is a silly Sims version of the show “The Bachelor”. The funnest part of this challenge, though, is I have my friends and blog readers submit the contestants for me! It’s always a blast for me since I never know what’s going to happen, and its fun for my readers since they get to follow along as their Sim competes! You don’t have to have the Sims 2 to play- simply fill out a form (which is wonderfully easy thanks to Googledocs).

Here’s the blog: http://sims2bachelorchallenge.wordpress.com/. To submit a contestant, go to the “New Contestant” page…you’ll find the page tabs in your upper left corner. 🙂


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