Cat Tales: Fred’s Favorite Toy

Fred is obsessed with a particular toy. I really need to find more of them, but they haven’t been anywhere I’ve checked.

We bought the kittens one of those pet stockings for Christmas that was pre-packaged with a bunch of goodies….balls, stuffed animals, a small interactive toy, etc… It also had these tiny, tiny, tiny little jingly bells with a feather attached. Incredibly cheap looking things that were used as “filler” to make the number of toys they could list on the package seem impressive. This is what Fred fell in love with.

I should have put something next to them for a size comparison…the ball is about the size of a dime.

We have tons of the normal-sized jingly balls…these are not interesting to Fred. He requires tiny ones…with feathers.


4 thoughts on “Cat Tales: Fred’s Favorite Toy

  1. I know what you mean about finding that particular toy that your cat just adores! Many moons ago, I bought Isabel a pet stocking that had four mouse-shaped toys (very basic, just cloth, stuffing, catnip, and a little string tail). They were made out of a fabric that was something like a tighter woven cheesecloth, and she loved them. She played with three of them until they ‘died’ and kept the last one in my closet, only bringing it out on special occasions. I kept sewing up the war wounds on her favorite mouse, but a couple of years later, that one died, too. Though she’s had other mice since then that she batts around a bit, she’s never been as enthusiastic about them again, and I know it’s because they don’t feel the same when she chews on them. I’ve been looking for material to make her some on my own, but no luck yet…


  2. OMG, My cat Brix is obsessed with the same freakin toy. I can’t believe this. There were 3 or 4 in the bag, we have lost or broken all but one. And it is the MOST PRECIOUS thing that he LOVES!!!! I can’t bare the thought of loosing this one because when he loses it under the couch he gets depressed and cries, finds me and meows until i get it out. If you find it please keep me posted.


  3. My cat loves this ball too!! He bit the feather off but still plays with it all day long and comes to me when it rolls under the couch. Yesterday it broke and I had to glue it back together but the ball inside won’t roll around anymore. I have been searching online for the stocking or a similar bell-type toy so I can stock up and cannot find it anywhere!! If you find it, please tell me where!


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