Cat Tales: Harree’s Reaction

I was so focused on the result’s of Lefty’s visit that I forgot to mention the adorable consequence of the trip.

Lefty is a very vocal kitty. His meow is a pathetic-sounding whine which sounds even more pathetic and more whine-y when he is forced to do something he doesn’t want to do. Lefty doesn’t hiss, scratch or cry…Lefty complains.

The complaints started as soon as I had him in my arms and he noticed he was headed for the carrier. He then proceeded to make it very challenging for me to get him in said carrier by doing some crazy ninja moves with his feet.

When we finally got him situated and locked in the carrier, I noticed Harree.

Harree was very upset that Lefty was meowing. He kept pacing back and forth, looking at the carrier holding Lefty, and squeaking at me. His concern was obvious. If he was concerned for himself, he would have ran and hid.

Harree isn’t a very vocal cat…he usually only meows for food…and that was after months of us encouraging him to do that (we like our kiddies to be loudmouths). Where Lefty whines, Harree squeaks. Given that he is by far our largest cat, his high-pitched squeak is endearingly hilarious.

But yesterday morning’s squeaks broke my heart a little, and at the same time made me smile. Harree’s obvious concern for Lefty’s discomfort demonstrates how much our clowder of cats has become a family unit. Though I felt awful that I couldn’t explain to Harree that Lefty’s just being a baby and that’ll he’ll be back soon and be perfectly fine.

Lefty Update: He still seems fine, though the eye is still very swollen. He took his  morning meds like a champ despite their foul smell. He is still eating and drinking- so no allergic reactions to the antibiotics or inflammatory meds.


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