B-Day Plans for the Kittens

I’ve never been one to celebrate pet birthdays…but then again, the majority of pets I’ve taken in have been older and many lacked official birthdays. I’m certain Lefty would rather we forget his birthday and let him sleep all day. Well, perhaps locking him in a room by himself would make him happy…

Anyway, I’ve decided that since we were present at the birth of the kittens and they are so young, we should celebrate their birthdays.

The party will be Sunday March 25th- humans are invited, but be prepared to play with cats all day. :p They will be turning 2 on March 26th.

Here’s the activity plan so far:

– Bubbles! The kittens love to pop bubbles.

– Cat Sitter DVDs! We refer to these as “the Birds”…this will be Fred’s favorite part.

– Da Bird! A good run around the house with their favorite interactive toy.

– Critter Food! We’ll be tossing some critter food outside in front of the backdoor in hopes to attract some squirrel entertainment.

– Laser Thermometer! Really the key here is “laser”…some chasing it around the living room.

– Pet Cakes! A special cake for the kitties made with tuna.


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