Project 43: Try Every Flavor at Handel’s Ice Cream

One of my DZP tasks is to try every flavor at Handel’s ice cream. My method is to get 4 scoop samplers in alphabetical order with interruptions by Flavors of the Month.

Last week, I got my 2nd sampler.  Three flavors were on the flavors of the month list- Heavenly Hash, Peppermint Stick…and one I can’t quite remember…I want to say Black Raspberry…but I’m not certain. I only was able to check one more off the main board- Black Cherry.

While the peppermint stick was delicious, it was odd eating it in combination with the two berry flavors!

Last time I had Banana, Banana Creme Pie, Deep Dish Apple Pie and Caramel Apple….I hate any artificial banana flavoring, and I’m not too keen on caramel, but I tried them anyway. I enjoy trying new flavors of ice cream…and it makes my decision so much easier! No staring at the menu for 15 minutes!


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