Cat Tales: Lefty’s Eye

We had to go to the vet this morning! Several days ago, Lefty’s eyelid started getting a little puffy…it simply looked like he had a little scratch or poke that was infected…except we can’t actually find the wound. It was small and not bothering him, so I treated it with some Neosporin and kept an eye on him.

Well, yesterday it got worse and swelled up to the size of a….well, I don’t really know, but it’s pretty huge. Still no wound, no puss, but it is looking a bit red and icky.

So, off to the vet early this morning. No fever and everything else looks fine- including the eye itself.

Possible diagnoses:

  • Scratch/puncture from a fight with the little ones (most probable scenario)
  • Insect bite from sleeping by himself in the dark in the basement (also likely)
  • Tumor (due to his age, this is sadly not entirely unlikely)

Obviously, we are rooting for the first two. Lefty got some basic bloodwork done   (everything is normal; but this was primarily to make sure he could take the anti-inflammatory alright); plus an antibiotic shot that’ll last him two weeks (the wonders of time release meds!) as well as an oral anti-inflammatory to help reduce the swelling. And a card that tells us to be back in two weeks, if he is improving. One week if he’s not getting better and earlier if he gets worse.

Everyone cross your fingers it clears up! I really don’t want it to be option 3!


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