Project 72: Create my own Top 100 Movie List

Goal #72 of my DZP List is to create my own top 100 list of movies. 

I realize it is doubtful I will actually create my top 100 list, as I’d have to watch and rate far more than 100 movies during this time period. However, I will consider this successful if I’ve got an active list I am constantly updating.

Why I am creating this list

           On my first day zero project list, one of my goals was to watch 100 of the Top 250 IMDB movies. After establishing a Friday night movie night and attempting to carry this out, I realized that I wasn’t getting what I wanted to from this goal. As it turns out, I don’t really care about what other people think are good movies…and I wasn’t watching movies that I really wanted to see or rewatch. Therefore, my 2nd DZP list has a goal that gets me to watch more movies that I am interested in seeing, re-watch movies that I love and, most importantly, watch movies that my FRIENDS love. Since I think the opinions of my friends would be a better indicator of whether or not I will enjoy a movie. At least I hope so.

How I am creating the list


  • I have re-established movie night which took a teaching/Christmas hiatus.
  • I asked the group of friends I hang out with on a weekly-basis to submit two lists: one with 5 movies that they have seen and loved; and 5 movies that they want to see
  • I combined these lists and had everyone rate their enthusiasm for watching each movie in the near future
  • We are starting with the movies with the highest “enthusiasm level”; however, we are skipping ones that our only access to is rental/purchase
  • Once we get to the halfway point, we’ll watch a couple of movies that require rental (we’ll continue checking every week to see if the movie appeared in netflix or the library)
  • Then everyone who wishes to will submit another list of 5/5 and those will be added to the previous list, and enthusiasms will be re-evaluated.
  • After we watch each movie, folks who watched the movie with us…or have watched it recently, can give it a score between 1 and 10…based solely on how much they loved the movie.

Next post will be the ratings of our first movie!



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