My Favorite Christmas Gift

I received a lot of wonderful gifts this Christmas from incredibly generous and thoughtful family members. However, one particular gift rises to the level of all time favorite gifts, something I will treasure forever.

This gift arrived today…over two weeks after Christmas. It isn’t an item that was on my Christmas list. It only weighs about as much as a bar of soap. The retail value of the item is a whopping $7.99. I can’t play it or wear it.

In order for you to understand why I appreciate this gift as much as I do, you need to know two things about myself and my little sister: 1) we like to quote movies; and 2) we really, really enjoy animated Christmas specials.

My sister and I have a habit of quoting movies to each other. A lot. We are particularly fond of quoting obscure lines that, for some reason only known to us, we find amusing.  We have lots of inside jokes that have taken the form of quotations and confuse the people who witness out interactions. I’ve posted random quotes on her facebook wall with no explanation- but I know SHE will know what they mean and what I am thinking. It’s like a secret code.

We both also really, really, REALLY enjoy old-school animated Christmas specials…Jack Frost (not the one with the stupid snowman, but the one with Kubla Kraus), Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Year Without a Santa Claus, A Wish for Wings that Worked, etc… We both have very fond memories of waking up early on Christmas morning to watch them together while waiting for the approved parental wake-up time. We still love to watch them together, whenever I manage to get home for Christmas.

One particular Christmas special that we love quoting is “A Wish that Changed Christmas”. Very few other souls seem to know or remember this movie, but we had it recorded off the television (thank you, Dad!) on a VHS tape that we watched every Christmas. One particular line from the movie “Do you want a balloon?” said by an unintentionally creepy old woman struck my sister and I as terribly amusing. Now, much to the confusion of others, we constantly ask each other “Do you want a balloon?”. It’s become a way to make each other smile, a greeting of sorts…akin to a secret handshake.

Neither of us have been able to find the Christmas special on DVD, and it never seems to appear on the television. It’s melted away into obscurity and it feels like no one else has seen it but us.

My Christmas gift from her this year was:

She found the BOOK. Apparently the movie was based on a children’s book!

And she wrote our quote on the inside cover!

Best. Gift. Ever.

I will add this book to my small collection of very special children’s books I’m saving for when I become a mother, and every Christmas I will read it lovingly to myself (and any cats who will tolerate it), and someday my children. And each time I read it I will remember my childhood Christmases with my sister. I will remember our special quote. I’ll explain the quote to my children and they will join our secret club, and they will say the quote to their Aunt Kj every time they see her Christmas Eve.  And we will both smile.


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