The Spice Family Adventures!

Just in case you were previously a fan of one of my Sims stories, (or are really bored which is likely the case if you are reading my blog, lol), you may want to check out my fairly new Sims blog…

I’ve made 11 posts since October 11th and it’s still going strong.

It tracks the Spice family line, starting with Autumn Spice, as I attempt a completion challenge. The goal of a “Completion Challenge” is to complete a list of tasks in the Sims that cover all the aspects- all the careers, all the skills, all the personality traits, and all the miscellaneous extra stuff, in order to get players to explore aspects of the game they may not normally use.

For added fun, you try to keep the challenge within the same family line so that you can watch the genetics develop over multiple generations.

My Bachelor(ette) challenges are at a standstill right now. My computer is too slow to commit to all that moving around from house to house. The Bachelor challenge requires more work than your average challenge which is hell using my incredibly slow desktop with ridiculous load times. :p The Bachelor challenge will return as soon as I get a decent job and can afford an upgrade. 🙂

The Spice Family blog can be found here:

The first post can be found here:

The scoreboard/list of tasks can be found here:









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