DZP List

My Day Zero Project list is pretty much complete. I’m just working on fine-tuning it, developing a spreadsheet to calculate the percentage of each goal I’ve completed, etc… I’m very excited to get started!

Remember, if you’d like to make your own and want some advice, and a place to share, join me in my yahoo! group dedicated to DZP and similar challenges: ChallengeJunkie.

Here’s the list:

Beauty & Fashion     


1          Use lotion on my legs everyday for a week

2          Get a FunIvy package

3          Get a FairIvy package

4          Give myself a hairwrap

5          Attempt to Replicate the “Gypsy” perfume

6          Establish a footcare routine and retain it for a month

7          Make 3 more personal beauty care products (makeup, lotion, etc…)

8          Wear earrings everyday for a month

9          Get 5 complete outfits (preferably boho style)

10        Wear or donate every piece in my closet

Career & Wealth

11        Start a checking account for the soap business

12        Get a job with a workable (at least 20k income)

13        Get soap business established

14        Get $3,000 in a temporary savings account

15        Publish my thesis paper


16        Get a FurIvy Package

17        Make 3 treats from my cat treat cookbook

18        Have a designated playtime everyday for a month

19        Get two new “birds” DVDs for Fred

20        Install bird feeder area just outside back door

21        Get my “degree” fromCatCollege

22        Do 10 activities from “50 Games to Play with Your Cat”

23        Successfully brush the teeth of two cats twice a week for a month

24        Clean office and create a better setup for piggy

25        Do 10 tasks from “50 Ways to Pamper your Cat”

Family, Friends & Community         

26        Acquire a birthday book & fill it with birthdays

27        Acquire a stack of BoomBoom Cards

28        Attend 3 events/activities of Jimmy’s choice

29        Organize a home improvement project for theMainehouse

30        Send 3 random (non-holiday) surprise packages to family/friends

31        Volunteer for 10 hours

32        Send everyone in the b-day book a b-day card for one year

33        Exchange a snailmail letter with someone everyday for a month

34        Exchange e-mails with someone every day for two months

35        Begin research for my family tree


36        Acquire another country-themed cookbook

37        Acquire a Gordon Ramsey Cookbook

38        Visit theToledoFarmer’s Market

39        Cook 3 different cuts/proteins I haven’t used before

40        Take a cooking class

41        Try 5 new restaurants

42        Try 5 new foods (or foods that I haven’t tried since I was a kid)

43        Try every flavor of ice cream at Handel’s

44        Cook 10 recipes from my cookie recipe collection

45        Cook 1 recipe from every cookbook I own.


46        Learn three classic games

47        Have 3 D&D workshop days

48        Have 3 DM days (work on plot, notebook, etc…)

49        Spend an entire weekend doing nothing but playing games

50        Have 5 “Munchkin” nights

51        DM a character to level 15 or higher

52        Finish NWN & the 3 expansions

53        Test every game in the game closet; and donate those we don’t want

54        Find 300 caches

55        Finish a Legacy-style challenge (10 gens)

Health & Wellness   

56        Floss everyday a week

57        Drink only milk, water, and tea for a week

58        Acquire running shoes & pocket-sized MP3 Player

59        Try every tea Linda sent me (and report back!)

60        Walk every trail in the Toledo Metroparks System

61        Complete the Couch to 5k program

62        Lose 10lbs.

63        Lose another 10lbs.

64        Lose another 10lbs.

65        Lose another 10lbs.

Just for Fun & Misc.            

66        Acquire “Living Life” cards

67        Put away a set amount of cash for each goal I complete (amounts based on difficulty)

68        Buy 3 items on Etsy

69        Have 3 random adventures (where I use the GPS to find my way home)

70        Make 3 swaps on “Gimmeyourstuff”

71        Trade 300 postcards on Postcrossing

72        Create my own Top 100 movie list

73        Take three photos a day for a month

74        Get the most out of my zoo membership by taking 10 trips to the zoo (3 of which are for special events)

75        Blog about the completion of each of my goals


76        Attend 3 public lectures

77        Visit 3 museums I have not visited

78        Visit 3 historical sites I have not visited

79        Watch 3 videos on MonkeySee

80        Read 3 random dummy/idiots guides

81        Read 3 biographies

82        Learn one new craft

83        Clean/simplify GR; and add 3 useful blogs

84        Keep up with GR for a month (check on a daily basis)

85        Acquire a “brain training” game & complete a portion (?) of it


86        Get BB’s CP kit

87        Make a salt bar

88        Use one other BB kit

89        Make one project from a (non-BB) blog

90        Complete 3 projects (that I haven’t tried) from my SoapyLove book

91        Complete 3 projects on SoapQueen’s Blog

92        Make my first batch of CP soap

93        Make a Beer and Walnut CP soap

94        Make Castille CP Soap

95        Complete all soap projects on SoapQueenTV


96        Visit one state I haven’t been to (or haven’t visited since I was little)

97        Visit a National Park

98        Go Camping

99        Host 2 more Maine Trips

100      Have an actual vacation with Jimmy


101      Make my 3rd DZP list!





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