DZP Creation #’s 1 through 10

Here is the rough draft version of my first ten goals for my day zero project.
Category 1: Beauty/Fashion
I’m not really into beauty or fashion…probably less than most girls. I’ve worn the same pair of sneakers for years, and I can’t remember when I bought them. I need to get a new pair very soon because the plastic in the heel has cracked and poked its way through the lining- not comfortable! I have only a few pairs of shoes in total, I don’t like expensive jewelry and I hate clothes shopping. My clothes could be described as “comfortable” or “frumpy”. I wear guys pants and t-shirts normally. 
But there is a part of me who does want to dress pretty and take some pride in my appearance. I feel this part of me will probably have more of a say if I start losing weight. 
So this category was chosen not because I’m particularly interested in it, but because it is an area of my life I wish to improve upon.
  1. Get a package from FunIvyFunIvy & FairIvy send you surprise packages containing a variety of gorgeous handmade items. I’m putting these under my “Beauty/Fashion” category because they tend to contain mostly jewelry, scarves, etc… feminine trendy things. These are things I would normally never buy for myself.
  2. Get a package from FairIvySee above.
  3. Give myself a hairwrap- Something I used to do all the time, but it has waned in the recent years. No, I’m not too old.
  4. Attempt to create my own version of a perfume called “Gypsy” that I have.
  5. Use lotion on my legs everyday for a week- I have dry skin, and my legs are the worst.
  6. Establish a weekly footcare routine and follow it for a month.
  7. Make 3 new items of make-up.
  8. Wear earrings everyday for a month.
  9. Get 5 new complete outfits (preferably in a boho-like style)
  10. Wear every single piece of clothing in my closet, and if I don’t want to wear something…donate it.

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