DZP List 2 Creation Update

As I’ve mentioned, I’m working on creating my 2nd Day Zero Project list to begin October 1st. As List One will come to a close the end of September.

Quick reminder: a DZP is a list of 101 tasks that you wish to complete in 1001 days

After reviewing my old list and taking note of potential improvements, my next step was to come up with 10 categories of goals I would like to work on. I did this before creating goals in order better focus my efforts on categories I find important.

Unfortunately, I miscounted and I ended up having 11 categories! So instead of having 10 categories with 10 goals each (the remaining 1 will be create list 3, of course!), I will have 9 categories with 10 each, and 2 with 5 each.

My categories are (subject to change before October):

  • Soap
  • Cats
  • Games
  • Health
  • Beauty/Fashion
  • Career/Wealth
  • Family/Community
  • Just for fun/Misc.
  • Travel
  • Food/Cooking
  • Knowledge

I’m going to strive for 5 short term goals and 5 long term goals for each of the categories that will have 10. I think it’s important to have both on a well balanced list, so you can give yourself a pat on the back sooner for achieving something.



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