Vet Trip & Canned Food Benefits

Today’s productivity and plans were interrupted by a trip to the vet. Meredith woke up this morning with a UTI. She attempted to use the litter box 10 or so times throughout the morning, so I made an appt.

Simple & quick though…just some antibiotics. But since this was her second one (she had one in June) we discussed food changes with the vet.

This particular vet (we go to Banfield, so have a few different vets we see, but we know them all pretty well), feels that canned food with high protein levels are the best for cats. He said dry food is fine as well- as long as you have a mix of the two. And that variety is key. He actually praised Fancy Feast for it’s variety (that’s what we use!) and said he feeds it to his cats.

He thinks Meredith (who has gained yet another pound) has a carb addiction, and she needs to eat higher levels of protein. He recommended mixing one of the expensive high-protein diets like Blue Buffalo (though only certain types of Blue Buffalo) with a cheaper, but still high protein brand.

Wetfood should be 10% or higher in protein, with 14 to 17% being ideal. Dryfood should be 40% or higher.

Fancy Feast seafood dishes are better, as they have higher levels (most above 14%, and many at 17%). We buy a multi-pack at Costco, which contains Beef, Chicken and Turkey, but since they are all in gravy they are only 11% (still better than the 7% cans we found by other companies!).

Changes we are making:

– Using at least one can of seafood wet food per day (with a high protein content)

– Upping their intake from 1/3 of a can to a 1/2 a can

– We currently use a mix of 2 dry foods, we will slowly improve this mix to include more protein.

In addition to higher levels of protein, canned food has less carbohydrates (carbs are difficult for cats to digest), more water (cats are notorious for not drinking enough), and more flavor (which prevents appetite fluctuation from cats getting bored with food, and then indulging only when they are hungry).

The only drawbacks of canned food are teeth related issues. However, if you get your cats a yearly teeth cleaning, this problem can be avoided!


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