Unofficial DZP Score

I’m beginning work on my second Day Zero Project List, and I’ve pretty much thrown in the towel on the first one….there aren’t many left I could complete in a month, and on my current budget, and those that I could do I don’t really want to. I’m looking forward to vastly improving the list on this next go around.

So, it’s time to determine my score for my first DZP list. I will use this number as the number to beat for my second list. The score, though unlikely to change much, will remain unofficial until Sept. 29th.

Here are the goals I’ve completed:

8.) Get my Master’s degree Completed (April/May 2011)

12.) Visit a park with some kind of caves/caverns Completed 8/10/09

14.) Catch up on all my penpal letters Completed 1/31/09

17.) Exchange a snailmail letter with someone every day for a month; and exchange e-mails with someone daily for two months (31/31; 62/62) Completed

29.) Wii Fit everyday for 1 month – Completed 1/31/09

31.) No soda for a week – Completed 7/25/09

37.) Take vitamin each day for a month Completed 1/31/09

40.) Host two Maine Trips (2/2) Completed 12/27/09

41.) Have another Maine trip w/ at least 15 people Completed 8/13/10

47.) Visit one state I have not been too yet Completed 3/14/09

49.) Handmade Christmas Gifts for each person for one Christmas Completed 12/25/09

52.) Learn 1 new craft Completed 12/09

58.) Freecycle 101 Things Completed July 2011

60.) Clean up Yahoo! Group list Completed 6/21/09

69.) Spend Day in Ann Arbor Completed 2/13/10

71.) [[Private]] (12/12) Completed

73.) Give Jimmy a list of 101 reasons why I love him. Completed: 1/25/09

76.) Shop for 1 week’s worth of groceries using coupons/sales (ie. every item I buy has to have a coupon or be on sale) Completed 11/19/10

86.) Go to the movies 3 times (if its while visiting home or in Maine it doesn’t count) (3/3) Completed: 1/10

89.) Do a NaBloPoMo month Completed

90.) Get book club all caught up and make list 4 Completed 7/18/09

92.) Get my Aerogarden running again Completed 1/18/09

95.) Have a Disney Marathon Completed 6/19/10

96.) Finally have my ideal marathon: Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Neverending Story, Princess Bride and Willow Completed 12/31/09

101.) Make a new list and start over!- Not completed, but will definitely be!

That makes my unofficial score…24%….25% once I make my new list.

Granted, some of these such as getting my Master’s degree, I would have done without the list. However, did you know the reason I started soaping was thanks to my Day Zero Project (and my friend Hilary). I wanted to combine doing a handmade Christmas with learning a new craft, and I mentioned this to Hilary. Hilary suggested I try soapmaking. And now I’m addicted and hope to have my own soap business in the future. So, it is quite possible that the DZP changed my life!

Another thing the DZP has given me is a movie night with my friends. While I didn’t complete my goal of seeing 125 of the top 250 movies on IMDB, we now have a Friday night movie tradition which is great fun.

I never would have exchanged a month’s worth of letters with Kristen, and 2 months worth of daily e-mails with Tara if it weren’t for this project; and both of those were awesome experiences.

As I look at this list, I’m happy to say that the DZP has impacted me more than I had originally realized, and I can’t wait to start the next one!!!



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