Join me in starting a Day Zero Project!

My first Day Zero Project (also known as 101 things in 1001 days) is coming to a close the end of this month, which means I get to start a brandidy-new one on October 1st…woohoo!

What is a Day Zero Project?

It’s a challenge to complete 101 tasks/goals in 1001 days. You can check out the website here:

Why bother?

The site’s tagline is: “Plan. Create. Motivate. Acheive.” The DZP gives you motivation to do those things that you want to do, say you are going to do, but never actually get around to doing. We write them down, and give ourselves 1001 days to complete them.

101 things sound like a lot?

That’s why we take about a month to write/prepare a list. Also, the website now has a database of ideas for you to look through (it didn’t back when I first started!).

101 things sound hard?

Well, it is. But it is also FUN. You need to include both fun/relaxing goals along with more serious ones.

You can also create themed lists….into cooking? Create a list of 101 dishes you want to make. Into health? Do a completely health-themed list. The possibilities are endless. Usually the lists are geared to overall well-being, which is my favorite.

If you want to give it a try, and would like some company/tips/advice from people who have done it already, I encourage you to join my group: Challenge Junkie. While other challenges are welcome there, as the name suggests, the DZP is the reason the group was formed and what we are dedicated to.






3 thoughts on “Join me in starting a Day Zero Project!

    • Awesome! I think changing the list is an important thing to do…the list is for our own personal benefit, so if we no longer can get value from a certain goal (or are unable to complete it); than it needs to be changed.

      I also think the more DZP lists we make, the better they will be. I’ve learned a lot about goal-writing from the last one and I think this next list will be structured better for my success.


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