Fall Show Countdown

It’s almost labor day weekend! Fall is my favorite season for many reasons…pumpkins, fall colors, leaves changing, cool weather, hoodies, pumpkin seeds, apples, applesauce, Halloween, school supplies…the list goes on and on.

And… most of the good shows come back to television! Therefore, it’s time to get organized so I don’t miss any premieres! Okay, so that’s not true since I only watch television via Hulu….but I still need want to know when shows are coming back to me.

Returning Shows I’m Planning on Watching:

Castle- September 19th: Glad this one is starting so soon! My favorite currently-on-air show.

Bones- November 3rd: Ugh! Why so late?

Body of Proof- September 20th

Fairly Legal- Early 2012

Harry’s Law- September 21st

Fringe- September 23rd

House- October 3rd: I don’t know if I’m going to watch this or not. I didn’t even bother with the season finale last season…I’m losing interest.

New Shows I May Try:

Now it’s time to check out Hulu’s list of new shows this season and see if anything is appealing…this list I will try at least one episode of…

New Girl- She’s adorable.

Once Upon a Time- It’s a really neat idea. I can’t say “no” to a creepy show about fairy tales! Addendum- spoke too soon…I’m not digging “Grimm”…and why on earth are there two creepy shows about fairy tales?

Terra Nova- Dinosaurs.

Prime Suspect- ‘Cause I like detective shows.


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