How Meredith & Her Kittens Got their Names

You named your cat “Fred”? People who don’t know us are often puzzled by the names of Meredith & her kittens. They are normal human names that do not have any kind of obvious pop culture reference. So what’s the deal?

I assure you, there *is* a reference there…and, in fact, the four names are related.

First, we need to go back in time…about 7 years to when Jimmy was living with Bill. They were huge fans of the web-toon “Homestar Runner”. Jimmy found Homestar, himself, particularly assuming. Quoting Strongbad, Homestar, and the rest of the crew was a favor pastime among the boys.

In one of the toons, a strongbad e-mail:, Homestar uses the phrase: “Draft doger, eh? We’ll see if those trees you are always hugging save you when Gordon Lightfoot comes creeping around your back stairs.”

This of course is a reference to Lightfoot’s song “Sundown”. (“Sundown, you better take care if I find you’ve been creeping ’round my back stairs.) When this toon first appeared, we found it HILARIOUS. And immediately the reference shifted, so that anytime any back stairs were involved, Jimmy would quote this- especially so, because he knew it made me laugh. I adore Lightfoot’s (Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, who doesn’t?) and “Ghosts of Cape Horn”.

When Meredith first came in to our lives, it was via our backyard. We don’t really have stairs…but we have a stair, lol. Jimmy made the passing comment, “You know, if we adopt it, we should name it Gordon Lightfoot”.

Then we DID adopt it…but it turned out to be a “her”. Hmm…that put a damper on the naming scheme. But not for long! Gordon’s middle name was a nice girl one…Meredith. Technically, Mama Meredith’s name is “Gordon Meredith Lightfoot III”.

Then we had some kittens join us. Huzzah! It’s VERY hard to tell genders of kittens when they are born, but the vet guessed for us. She had guessed Melody would be a boy. My 1st thought was obviously…a cat with an extra finger? Clearly, it’s name should be Count Rugen. And therefore, the orange one should be Inigo…and the big black one, Fezzik.

But the kitten with the extra toes turned out to be a tiny, adorably sweet little girl. Hmmm…back to the drawing board.

What are the names of Gordon Lightfoot’s kids? From his first marriage: Fred & Ingrid. Well, the large one who appears to lack intelligence would make a good “Fred”. Ingrid….Oh, that’s an awful cat name. From his second marriage: Miles- now there is a perfect name for the little troublemaker, and Meredith- but that’s mama’s name.

Hmm….wait? What is Ingrid’s middle name? Well, we are not 100% certain that it is Melody; however, she GOES by Melody according to what we’ve found online. So she didn’t like Ingrid either? Melody is a perfect name for a little tiny sweet girl.

Fred, Miles, and Melody- perfect!

It’s a reference within a joke within a joke….yeah, Jimmy & I like taking things too far. 😉


4 thoughts on “How Meredith & Her Kittens Got their Names

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