New Gaming Store in Town

Last night Jimmy & I discovered a new gaming store while we were stopping by UPS so I could get something notarized.

CheckMate Games & Hobbies is a small gaming store that carries a variety of those “German-style” games I love so much (Dominion, Carcassonne, Settlers) as well as card games like my beloved Munchkin; and of course tabletop games.

I was impressed with their selection…they had a few games I have not seen in stores before, along with some Munchkin accessories (like Boxes of Holding!) that I wouldn’t think to get anywhere but online.

The staffperson was very friendly- helpful and active, but I didn’t feel pressured to buy anything. Which was fabulous since I can’t buy anything until I start getting paid for the new job (I don’t actually start teaching until October). I felt bad that I couldn’t buy anything. I can imagine how difficult it must be starting up a small niche store in this economy. I will definitely be back as soon as I am able to buy games!

Oh, and they have a small kitteh on site. Who doesn’t like a gaming store with a kitteh? Except maybe Tad…but he’s cheap anyway.

So, if you are local (or just want to support gaming stores) I highly suggest you fan them on facebook: (hopefully that works…), and if you are in the area, stop by!


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